5asec - Sunset Mall | Eire Gulf Contracting LLC, Dubai UAE
Design and Build of their new office in DIFC. The industrial design, with open ceilings, reflected Oldendorffs core business of freighting and the clean lines also provide a modern edge to the office. The project was completed within the client's budget. Close interaction between the Eire Gulf project team and Oldendorff’s Management ensured a great result was achieved for everyone.
Corporate office fitout, oldendorff office fitout, wood flooring, carpet flooring, lighting, wall cladding, conference room fitout, furniture installation
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5asec – Sunset Mall

Project Name: 5asec – Sunset Mall
Location: Sunset Mall, Jumeira 3, Dubai
Project Duration: 6 weeks
Project Cost: 2.3M AED
Services Provided: Design, Fitout works, MEP works & installation

EG carried out the design and build of the retail unit, consisting of 200m2, FOH and BOH areas (Ground Floor Level) occupying 2 shops in Sunset Mall , Jumeira.

The design concept of the shop is adapting the long history and branding of the “largest dry cleaning and laundry retail network in the globe” – 5asec.

Purple and orange, the main brand colors, are well blended with the clean lines and pure white finishes. Details with white and brass/golden finish, give a luxurious and modern touch in the laundry reception area. The bespoke reception counter, ceiling mounted Mashrabiya pattern and the entrance window patterns reflects some of the Arabic influence which is adapted in the branding of the shop reception and entrance area.

The lighting system was designed in conjunction with 5asec corporate team to match the high specification and lux requirements needed for the textile store, as well as considering energy consumption, style and form.

The HVAC and extract services where designed to facilitate the equipment of the store and ensure comfortable working conditions and high standards set out by 5asec, in order ensure perfect quality garment delivery.

Our team can provide turnkey solution to all manner of fit out and MEP challenges