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Eire Gulf has worked with schools like Dubai English Speaking School and Dubai English Speaking College for their interior renovation works. We have recently acquired the project for Swiss International School and are currently working on procurement
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Since our inception in the UAE in 2009. We have focused on specialist market sectors within the Interior and general contracting industry.

At Eire Gulf we have extensive experience in design, refurbishment and fit-out in schools, academies, colleges and universities. We love to rejuvenate the interior of an educational establishment and give students a learning environment they enjoy to use.

We will work with your staff and school management to supply interior design solutions including furniture and complete fit-out. Creating spaces that inspire enthusiasm and hard work remains our prime goal.

Our portfolio of projects in the education sector will give you an understanding of our expertise. By procuring the right materials, furniture and design solutions, we ensure that your institute meets your high expectations. Working in the sector has also given us the experience of dealing with the strict regulations by Government of Dubai.

Educational and Development campuses, such and Schools, Universities and Libraries need to meet highly specific range of standards. Critically security and safety. Therefore, Our team at EGC offer a wide range of services accommodating these requirements.

We undertake projects of all sizes and requirements. Just give us a call and we will guide you through the entire process.

External Security and Defense

Security and safety in schools is a highly emotive subject . One which is never far from the conscience of the head teacher, facilities team, governing body and LEA. All have roles to play in the implementation of an effective school security strategy.

As history has shown, breaches of security can have catastrophic effects. And whether you are a parent or teaching professional, the security of any school should always remain high on the agenda. Through initiatives such as the Building Schools for the Future campaign, we upgrade perimeter security to the “duty of care” levels commensurate with the school.

Physical Perimeter

Physical perimeter security measures and effec ve access control are at the heart of any successful school security programme but creating a safe and secure school environment requires significant planning and key features need to be designed into the overall perimeter security architecture. There is no benefit to be derived from installing an impressive security fence or wall and gates at the front of the school if it is possible for intruders to access the grounds via an unprotected entry point elsewhere on the site.

Equally, it is imperative that all factors are taken into consideration which might impact on the creation of a secure physical frontline defense. For example, if some pupils gain access to the school via a public road or pathway, it will be important to extend the security architecture to include this access route. Equally it may not be financially viable to fence the en re perimeter, in which case, a risk assessment will highlight those areas that can be fenced to maximum effect.

All fencing, gate and access control solutions must be carefully considered to ensure they are compliant with stringent safety regulations designed to minimize the risk of accidents. In infant and junior schools and for play areas, it is important to look for RoSPA approved and BS EN 1176 compliant products which have been tested for their ability to provide a safe fencing or gate solution This reduces the risk of puncture wounds or the entrapment of limbs. Schools selecting these products will significantly reduce the risk of public liability claims – an all-important consideration in today’s increasingly litigious society. Our  suppliers stock products specifically designed for the safe and secure demarcation of areas in use by schools. This helps minimize the risk of injury whilst still providing effective containment.

Sports and Recreation

We work directly with global manufacturers and installation specialists on a wide range of internal and external sports and recreation facilities. From Tennis and football to swimming and aerobics, we can install both living and artificial surfaces to suit your requirements.

Our in house MEP team can handle all aspects of irrigation and lighting whilst. Our design partners create the perfect atmosphere for your physical education facilities.

We source our materials from leading companies ensuring that products are safety certified, warranted. The products are also recognized by governing bodies such as FIFA and the IRFU.

Playgrounds and play equipment offer kids fresh air, friends, and exercise. So it’s important for both teachers and parents to make sure that faulty equipment, improper surfaces, and careless behaviour don’t ruin the fun.

Each year, more than 200,000 children are treated in hospital ERs for playground-related injuries. Many of these accidents can be prevented by selecting the correct equipment from the correct supplier.

We work with international playground designers and suppliers to ensure your special requirements and safety concerns are addressed from the outset.

Library Renovation

Additional services

Apart from our specialist services such as security and recreation, we provide standard construction, fit out and maintenance works. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Joinery and woodwork
  • Furniture supply and construc on
  • Firefighting and fire detection services
  • Communication and PA wiring and cabling
  • Electrical installation and connec on including lighting
  • Air conditioning repairs, installation and maintenance
  • Internal and External Painting.
  • Construction of internal partitions, ceiling and floors

We are currently working with prestigious educational establishments in UAE on a wide range of projects.


Our team can provide turnkey solution to all manner of fit out and MEP challenges