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Eire Gulf team of well experienced interior designers and project managers understands the great difference of planning and executing a Residential project from other sectors.

Residential interior design is more than just materials and furnishings selections. The successful design of space requires careful consideration of the real needs of clients measured against budgetary, code, climate, and site restrictions. All of these require careful development of a project program prior to the beginning of the actual design of the project.

Residential Interior Fitout

We specialize on careful planning considering sizes and clearances, organizational flow, related codes and constraints, and issues regarding electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and lighting that reflect specific project criteria based on client needs, budget, site, and other constraints.

Our approach

We consider the various activity areas and the ease of their use, as well as circulation within the room and to other areas within the residence.
Each room in a home serves a distinct purpose, and the design of the room must support that purpose in order for the room to function well.
When considering organizational flow, we review the range of uses of the room and make design decisions that support those purposes. For example, bedrooms are used for sleeping but also have other uses, such as clothing storage (in closets and dressers); the flow of the room should support both sleeping and accessing stored items as well as additional activities that occur within the room, such as watching television or working on a computer.
Formal living rooms and majlis/salon, casual youth-oriented entertainment rooms, informal and/or formal dining areas, and media rooms (including home theaters) are all places where people gather for interaction and entertainment.

Careful client interviews and programming are required in order to design spaces that reflect family interests and support interaction.

In planning such spaces, Our first steps involve a thorough review of the owner’s spatial requirements, day-to-day activities, and interests.

 Armed with a clear understanding of a homeowner’s actual needs and activities, We can undertake the design of such places.

Bespoke Joinery

When it comes to creating furniture for the perfect home, materials and design must be both functional and beautiful.

Our experienced team regularly works with private clients interpreting a brief from an interior designer, architect or directly with the end client, to create bespoke furniture pieces.

The only limit is your imagination:
  • Fitted and free-standing storage units or display cabinets
  • Kitchens – fitted units, bespoke cabinet doors, statement island units and classic or contemporary kitchen tables, breakfast bars and dining areas
  • Living rooms and dining areas – bespoke and customised furniture pieces, from opulent dining suites to hi-tech media walls
  • Bedrooms – fitted and free-standing wardrobes, dressing tables, bespoke bedside cabinets, TV cabinets and headboards
  • Cinema rooms – an increasingly popular feature of modern homes and refurbishment projects, wall panelling, storage units, audio visual units and even the bar, can be perfectly co-ordinated
  • Libraries and home offices – from traditional shelving and desks, to modern IT solutions
  • Experienced designers who will interpret and realise your brief
  • Stringent quality control and personal customer service
  • Wall paneling and matching doors

Our Joinery Services

EGC Joinery team has built long-standing relationships with property developers and contract interior designers involved in new residential developments. Our experienced team combines extensive manufacturing knowledge, with the design skills needed to create high-quality joinery and furniture items.  By working within our clients’ exact timescales and budgets whilst offering added value for home buyers we ensure consistency of look, quality and standards.

  • Fitted and free-standing furniture selected to match seamlessly with doors and panelling
  • Kitchens – fitted units, bespoke appliance and cabinet doors, statement island units. We can create classic or contemporary kitchen dining furniture and breakfast bars based on your requirements.
  • Living rooms and dining areas – bespoke and customised furniture pieces, from opulent dining suites to hi-tech media walls and storage units
  • Bedrooms – fitted and free-standing wardrobes, dressing tables, bespoke vanity units and headboards
  • Bathrooms – our specialist knowledge of materials and veneers, enables us to produce customised furniture designed specifically for bathroom and en suite environments
  • Cinema rooms – an increasingly popular feature of modern development projects, media walls, storage units and fitted seating areas can be perfectly co-ordinated
  • Libraries and home offices – from traditional desks and shelving, to a more modern IT design solution
  • Just in time deliveries
  • Stringent quality control
  • High volume production facilities, but s bespoke product and service
  • Supply only or supply and fit service
Open plan kitchen and living room dubai
Bathroom Villa Dubai

Residential Lighting

apartment living room dubai
A home is a unique challenge to properly light; it is the ultimate multi-use environment. Lighting a residence requires thoughtful and careful planning and design. Proper lighting makes a difference in how one feels about their home. It adds drama and beauty to rooms, makes smaller rooms look more open and airy, larger rooms feel cozy and inviting. Proper lighting lets home owners enjoy their home to its full potential.
Eire Gulf Contracting will guide you through the lighting process and be your lighting resource. The quantity and quality of illumination, the impression it creates about the merchandise and the effect it has on the appearance of the space are all factors in a successful lighting design.
stairs and wall cladding
living room renovation dubai

The Lighting Plan

Our team consider a variety of key characteristics when developing our lighting plan. These include lamp life, system efficiency, lumen maintenance, color rendering and appearance. We also consider daylight integration and control, light distribution, points of interest, cost, system control and flexibility.

  • Create a warm and inviting environment while making it functional and safe
  • Integrate and balance ambient, task and accent lighting into every room to allow for a variety of settings and moods
  • Establish a path of illumination through the house to allow comfortable transition and movement from room to room
  • Enhance and strengthen the character of the living space by highlighting areas of interest and architectural details
  • Design a flexible lighting scheme to take you from dawn to dusk and a system that is easy to maintain
  • Address energy efficiency and code issues

When lighting a residential space, we consider the following:

  • Size and shape of the space
  • Traffic patterns through the home
  • How it will be used: there are usual tasks  in each spaces and some tasks require more light than others
  • Ceiling height and shape: light will reflect off these surfaces and contribute to the ambient light
  • Age of the person living in the space: the older we get, the more we are adversely affected by glare
  • Color of walls: darker walls absorb more light and may require higher levels of illumination
  • Artwork and highlight areas: determining the pieces and places to be highlighted helps determine the number of accent lights needed
  • Families of luminaries: recessed downlights used as adjustable accents. Wall washers should match in aperture size and trim finish as well as use similar lamp types.
  • Complement these choices with the same, or similar, finished fixtures to avoid drawing attention to the lighting system

A place called home

People are spending more time at home and want more from it – a place to work, a place to socialize, a place to relax. A well planned layout, good choice of materials and finishes, creative design and proper lighting are key elements for a safe, comfortable and attractive home. Our ultimate goal is to create a perfect residence that will suit every families unique lifestyle and daily activities.  It is more than just our expertise to do the work for you. It is our passion to bring you the best.

Our team can provide turnkey solution to all manner of fit out and MEP challenges